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Recent Projects and Photos by KJ's Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning in Bowling Green, KY

We performed a soft roof wash on a white metal roof in Bowling Green, KY. We treated it with chemicals to break down the organic matter and then rinsed it to perfection. If your roof needs clea […]

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House Washing in Rockfield, KY

We treated the home that had organic growth with a chemical to remove it, the algae build up had been there for several years, but it was no problem for the professionals at KJ’s Pressure Washing & R […]

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House Cleaning in Bowling Green, KY

We used a safe chemical to remove all of the organic growth off of this home, and then we followed up by rinsing with low pressure to remove any dirt or build up. House Cleaning Gallery […]

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House Washing in Bowling Green, KY

We soft washed this customer's home with low pressure and whitened the gutters using a professional chemical. All of the organics were removed, and the finishing results were second to none! Lo […]

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